Orkut – ‘Easily Hackable’

Ahhh , blogging for a cause at last !!

Considering the title of the blog , Guys Please don’t delete your orkut account 😛 , Its just that Orkut is safe but the greed in you will throw you into the pit of your profile getting hacked.

Its been a month now and i have seen at least 10 of my friends falling to the trap of the hackers.

It all started by a bunch of hackers , who started posting Free mobile Recharge or Porn threads in the community , the threads contained a big link which was supposed to copied and pasted in the address bar , and then u get a link which asks you to enter your orkut id and password to proceed , but this trick was soon shut down by the active members by the community after the victims spoke out to the moderators and voiced their anger over this piece of crap ! This effort of copy pasting the link by the hackers was not a big success. This led to another great effort by the hackers , they now started creating Blogs which offer free Recharge to mobile and other porn related stuff which attracted people Here’s the sample of one of the Blogs which offer free mobile recharge:

Here the BLOG site is asking for the user’s orkut id and password , when the user gives his user id and password , the password gets saved in the database and the hacker is free to access the victim’s profile !!

And this one’s an Example for the onw which works with Java script !
The user will be very keen to get his free mobile recharge and  he pastes the following Java Script in the address bar , this will allow the hacker to access ur profile , and once ur profile is hacked , Your about me section will be changed like this so that your friends try it and they get hacked and the process goes on !
So How bad can it get when your profile is hacked


Well , what the hacker does is , he gets into the victim’s profile and spreads the blog by adding the link to the victim’s status , profile inforamtion , and even to the communities in which the victim is a part!
Atleast 10 of my friends have been hacked in the past month , Here’s an example :

In this case the modification to the victims profile is mild ! But in some cases , even the picture , Profile information and the Name shall be changed which could leave a bad impression on others !.See the statuse message of the victim !This status update flashes in the home screen of his friends and they get attracted to this and become a victim of it ! and the process goes on!!!
So i recommend all the orkut users not to reveal their orkut ids and passwords to anyother website other than orkut!


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