Running Turbo C++ in a Windows 7 and future versions

Most of the people will be facing a common problem with their Boreland turbo C++ in windows vista / Windows 7 . If you own a 32 Windows Vista or Windows 7 , Turbo C++ will be running in a smaller screen which wont maximize , and if u own a 64 bit OS , Turbo C++ may not open up in your PC . This can be fixed by using Software , DOSBOX . Dosbox is basically a DOS emulator ( The base platform in which Turbo c++ software was made on )

Running Turbo C++ using Dosbox :

1. Install the Latest version of Dosbox

2. Open DosBox

3.  Type in “mount <space>”   “G: <space>” ( or any drive name which you like ) , The directory in which Turbo C++ is installed . For example , if the copy of turbo C++ is present in the address “C:\Tc\bin\tc.exe” , C: is the root directory , so the above code will look like  ” mount G: C:\ “ ( without ” ” ) and press Enter key

If you have done this step correctly , it the screen will show something like ” Drive G is mounted as local directory c:\ ”

4. Now change the Root drive of the Dosbox  to “G:” . To do this , jus type in “G:” ( without ” ” )

5. Now change path to the place where the executable file of Turbo C++ is present . If “tc.exe” is present in “C:\tc\bin\tc.exe” then type ” cd tc\bin” ( without ” ” )

6. Now Open TurboC++ by typing the name of the executable file , in this case “tc” ( without ” ” )

7. Press Alt+Enter to switch to Full screen mode

P.S : Dont Use Ctrl+F9 to run the program in TC while running it in DosBox as the combination Ctrl+F9 is overrided to shut down DosBox

This method can be used to run other Dos based applications and Dos Games too .

If you feel uncomfortable with running turbo c++ in windows7 , use other alternatives like DevC++ , Visual C++ ( in Visual Studio ) etc which have better GUI and other features


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