I’m Giridhar , i code iOS apps for ZohoCorp and was previously meddling with Windows Phone and the web as a Microsoft Student Partner . I’m a huge fan of Pink Floyd and an ardent follower the Batman (Yes you heard me right, and yes i like the comics and cartoons more than the Nolan version , Problem ? 😛 ) . I love the Indian cuisine (Curd Rice FTW) and i love to travel a lot. I shoot pictures where ever possible , everyone does it nowadays so I’m not gonna call myself a photographer , you can check out my work in Flickr  (Non edited normal pics) and Instagram ( Filter added hipster pics :/ ). Oh ya , i also play computer games , currently playing League of Legends under the summoner name GizmoLord (NA server, for those who play it we can team up sometime 😉 ) and i used to play Competitive Call of duty 4 , you can check out my frag movie here

I’m trying to take up blogging as a hobby (Again!) , lets see how it goes ( atleast this time) ! I’m not gonna stick on to a single genre , last time i tried to give a tech talk , i scared off half of the audience ( Esp the ladies 😛 ) , so ya,  lesson learnt !

I also post stuff on Quora and Twitter do follow me there too!


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