Oh, the Humanity

Our race has done some of the stupidest things, from cutting down millions of trees on a daily basis to poking a hole in the ozone layer , we’ve been crafting (killing) mother nature to cater our needs, but why rant about this suddenly? Cuz they are killing my favorite animal 😦 .

Everyone has a favorite animal from dog lovers to turtle tamers, everyone loves at least one animal , if not they could pet it , they still love it! I loved the Rhinos, right from my childhood, why? I have five good reasons for that

1. Rhinoceros  are the closest Unicorn look-a-likes (on land, narwhals rule the ocean with their horns)

2. “Rhinoceros” (almost) rhyme with “Dinosaurs”, and they look like the smaller/evolved version of Triceratops and Xenoceratops



3. They are so badass that they can scare the s**t out of any animal in the jungle

and this pic says it all !

4. They are the perfect examples for badass vegetarian species

Rhino Charging

see those veggies in their mouth?

5.  They live in peace, i.e , till you poke their arse ofcourse !

Recently rhino poaching has been so relentless that we are almost kicking this amazing creature to extinct from the endangered list, and all for what? A horn that is mostly used as a decorative or sometimes as a medicine, when there are thousand other alternatives in this “scientifically” advanced world. Seriously how’d you feel if i cut your nose? LITERALLY?

Rhino smuggling?

Its already too late, “Save Rhinos” campaigns have been there for years and still poaching has not stopped, soon there wont be any rhinos at all, and one more animal will be added to the “Extinct thanks to Humans” list (Remember Dodos? neither do i, they were long dead before i was born)

One of the last 4 white rhinos (without horn) being guarded

Can we do anything to stop this madness, from kicking animals from the wild to the zoos and later to the museum ? Stop buying animal products, blah blah, everyone has been doing that, i don’t see any significant change. Anyway, something inside me still wants me to hope that rhinos will be saved from extinction.

So, what is your favorite animal? ( and do you think it’ll go to endangered/extinct list anytime ? Just sayin )

P.S: Blogging after a very long time, updated the about page and the name of the blog, comments welcome 🙂